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Prince Malcolm was no sooner in possessi∣on of his kingdom, than he rewarded his preserver with the Thanedom of Cunning∣hame, from which his posterity assumed their sirname, and took a shake-fork for their arms, with for there came several persons of rank from that country to Scotland, with king Malcolm Canmore, and we find Cun∣ninghames settled in the shire of Ayr, very soon thereafter. In the determination of a dispute betwixt the abbots of Melross and Kelso, He was succeeded by his eldest son, IX.

He succeeded his father in 1387 as Lord of the Isles. After David went into English custody in 1346, Robert acted was the de facto ruler of Scotland north of the river Forth.He claimed the Earldom of Ross, de iure uxoris, and fought the battle of Harlaw in 1411 to enforce his rights. In 1350, John was given Robert's daughter Margaret Stewart in marriage, and received Knapdale and Kintyre as dowry.He was recorded as dux shortly after the accession of Charles III "le Simple" King of the West Franks in 893, and as dux Aquitanorum for the first time in 909 but this appears to indicate that Guillaume was overlord of Mcon (presumably in his capacity as Comte d'Auvergne) not Comte de Mcon.He is called "domno illustrissimo marchione Alvernorum et comite Matisconensi" in his charter dated Dec 926 (-[Oct/Dec] 927).A dispute over the county of Auvergne arose in the mid-12th century between Guillaume [VII] Comte d Auvergne and his paternal uncle Comte Guillaume [VIII]. "Petrus" donated property "in pago Arvernico in comitatu Brivatensi in vicaria Nonatensi..." to Saint-Julien de Brioude for the souls of "Bernardi...comitis necnon...

The latter retained the county and his descendants continued to rule there until 1437, when Auvergne passed by marriage to the family of the seigneurs de la Tour (Part D of Chapter 1). "Bernardus comes et uxor mea Lieugardis" donated property "in pago Arvernico in vice Mussiacensi in villa Morennum" to Saint-Julien de Brioude by charter dated May [852] or [902] ("anno nono regnante Karolo rege Francorum"), signed by "Gaufredi" "Plantevelue", son of BERNARD Marquis of Septimania & his wife Doda --- (Uzs 22 Mar 841-[20 Jun 885/16 Aug 886], maybe 6 Jan 886). Bernardi comitis eiusque conjugis Inmengardis...comitissa, horumque prolis" by charter dated Jan "anno secundo regnante rege Francorum Carolo" (-6 Jul 918, bur Abbaye de Brioude, Haute-Loire).

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Sir William died before 1384, and was suc∣ceeded by his eldest son, XI.

Sir WILLIAM CUNNINGHAME of Kilmaurs, who, according to a good histori∣an, was a brave and gallant knight, and al∣ways behaved with great courage and resolu∣tion against the enemies of his country.

Edinburgh, 15 April 1766)medicine, neurophysiology. Remarkably rational in an age in which reaction of a muscle to artificial nerve stimulus was considered magical, Robert Whytt (pronounced “White”)was a practitioner of physic, teacher of medicine, and the foremost neurologist of his time.