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What do you call Chewbacca when he has chocolate stuck in his hair?

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An astonishing 700 million games of Candy Crush are played every day on mobile devices alone, according to App Data, a leading authority on social media trends.

But, unlike so many video games, it appears that instead of teenage boys and men, it's mostly women who are in thrall to Candy Crush.

His face splattered with Hello Kitty temporary tattoos, a chiseled male hustler body and a thick Austrian accent, Candy Ken is a Harajuku Greek God run through the sieve of a culture on digital overload. Last time, I was in Tel Aviv and Mexico, but not that much in Europe.

If you held a mirror to the teenage zeitgeist of the twenty first century, Candy Ken’s smiling gold grill would be twinkling right back at you. I really want to work with photographers in London. CANDY KEN: I feel like I’ve always had Candy Ken in me.

Over the weekend, the Berlin-based performer released his first official album, entitled Real Talk, and he did it as his own manager, promoter and record label. But I was not able to express myself until two years ago. I didn’t get my confidence to express Candy on the outside until I moved to Berlin.

With tracks like Fuck Gender, the artist replies to his critics and Internet trolls, who are quick to label his sexual identity, with a swift auto-tuned retort: “Gender rolls are over…new sex is what I am.” And it’s exactly that sex that has garnered the attention of the likes of fashion designer Jeremy Scott and stylist/creative director Nicola Formichetti who last year flew Candy Ken out to Milan for a Diesel campaign after seeing his images on Instagram. Before that, I always had it in myself, but you get pulled down by society. The 44-year-old company director shuffled over to her desk and waited for questions to be fired in her direction. Now we're all competing.'With its twinkly lights, hypnotic music and comic sound effects, it has millions of people in its grip - and, like 2010's Angry Birds, which even numbered David Cameron among its fans, it has become an online sensation. The real answer was slightly more embarrassing.'My back became strained because I'd been hunched for so long over my i Pad. The extraordinary thing was that almost everyone else in the room admitted they too were addicted.To celebrate the release of Real Talk, an album that celebrates the prismatic lifestyle of the artist in grand fashion, Candy Ken hosted a decadent club kid party at Visions Video Bar in London. They always put me in art classes and drawing classes. But, of course, it changed with the Internet and social media. I found music videos, performances, and photoshoots through Snapchat and Instagram. We also got a chance to chat with Candy Ken about the strange and manic universe he has created, what it was like to work with Terry Richardson, and his dreams for the future. Those are great platforms for me to express myself. And then, of course, fashion designers like Jeremy Scott had a big influence on me. 'Candy Crush is one of those gender-neutral games that has a "moreish" quality that can fit in flexibly around a woman’s life,' says Professor Mark Griffiths, director of the International Gaming Research Unit at Nottingham Trent University.