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I’m definitely not an expert on this topic as it’s admittedly very tough to meet someone who is a good match both indoors and out, so keep that in mind. Just chill the hell out, relax, be social, and HAVE FUN. You may have some preconceived notion about what your outdoors woman is going to look like, what age she is, what sports she likes, and how good she’s going to be at them. The point is to not just turn tail and run after you’ve concluded your first positive interaction with this woman you’ve just met.

You only need to pay when you want to use the messaging system to send messages to other members.Contact is made via the Date Active messaging system.Users can search out possible dates based on their favorite activities, mountains to ski, and level of ability.“The dating industry is all about some kind of common interest,” Keshian says.“For someone who is an outdoor enthusiast, that is probably their number one interest, and it’s the easiest way for people to connect.At the time, Keshian was using Ok Cupid, Tinder, and Plenty of Fish, but found the dating apps never really worked for him.

He saw an ad for Farmers Only.com, which targets the agriculture community, and wondered why there wasn't an app for ski bums like himself.

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You won’t find who you’re looking for in the usual crowd of bros at the popular powder spots. So if the Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to your town, you’ve a high likelihood of a bunch of like-minded people assembling in one room to watch it, don’t you? Don’t just go in, take your seat, and mindlessly wait for the magic to happen. But same as the above, if you see someone shopping for skis, chances are SHE SKIS. ) but most people I consulted for this article say that clubs and meetup groups are a great way to go about expanding your social circle. Anything to keep this skookum Sally (do non-Alaskans know that term?

You put a bunch of dudes together and women drift away. Admittedly, this one can come off as smarmy if you’re not careful. I pretty much know that people congregating in clubs are not the people I want to meet, so I have the same problem as you guys – it’s hard to meet people, ANY people, otherwise (which would be the entire point of being a loner, now, wouldn’t it?

Like, ‘Oh you’ve got the epic pass, let’s go ski Breck.