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This chapter will expand on the coverage of HTTP session from Chapter 4, "Build and Deploy Procedures," by providing a brief overview of HTTP session and will then discuss the Web Sphere Application Server (WAS) session management implementation, as well as the specifics of configuring the various session management options that exist in WAS.

In this example, information associating the user and their prior navigation through the web site and their selections are stored as objects in HTTP session.Once the users are ready to check out from the web site and purchase their selections, the application typically constructs a page composed of all the selected items stored in the "shopping cart." By maintaining application state between browser requests, HTTP session overcomes the default stateless behavior for HTTP requests.By providing multiple options for tracking a series of requests and associating those requests with a specific user, HTTP session allows applications to appear dynamic to application users.The most often cited example of HTTP session is the creation of a "shopping cart" for shoppers on a web site.The HTTP session API is an essential component in constructing interactive web sites.

The session API of the Java Servlet specification provides a mechanism for associating a series of requests with a specific browser or user.

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Sep 24, 2007Submitted by Alex Silva, Pentaho PDI allows users to create their own customized job entries and steps, which can then be deployed to the PDI platform.

This file, among other things, is responsible for specifying the plugin implementation class, icon locations, descriptions, and other configuration metadata.

An example: These rules apply for either jar or folder plugins.

This is required because the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) employed for web browser to web server requests is a stateless protocol.