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Danica Dillon filed a complaint in November saying Duggar manhandled her in a way that 'felt as if she were being raped,' but according to legal documents obtained by TMZ on Friday, the 27-year-old is claiming the two have never met.

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"Chaturbate" is a portmanteau of "chat" and "masturbate".Viewers are allowed to watch for free (with the exception of Private Shows), but pay money in the form of "tips" in order to see certain sex acts performed.In addition, Josh claims he has never in his life been to the strip club or hotel in question.Fighting back: Josh Duggar (above with wife Anna and daughter Meredith in July) has filed a motion to have a lawsuit filed against him by porn star Danica Dillon dismissed from court, claiming the two have never met'Assault requires both intent to place the Plaintiff in imminent apprehension of harmful or offensive contract and the Plaintiff’s actual imminent apprehension,' Duggar's lawyer Jeffrey Conrad wrote in his motion.Traveling to Porn Conventions Meeting a Porn Star Online Dating a Porn Star Community Q&A In the world in which we live, porn stars are almost everywhere.

Whether they be traditional porn stars whom act in movies, or cam girls whom star online.My top laner was toxic and on top of that the Riven fed.But that's not what I'm here to talk about.What I'm here to discuss is the Riot Employee on the enemy team who played Darius decided to pick on me after the game.I was trying to explain to him that my top laner needed a chat restriction because he flamed for no reason.There are plenty of chances to meet with, interact with, or even date porn stars.