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reports that royal watchers are questioning why Prince Charles, who was married to Diana for several tumultuous years back in the eighties and nineties, would choose the date of Diana’s death for William and Kate’s visit to Cornwall.There are even suggestions, amid rumors of a Prince William and Kate Middleton divorce, that Charles and his wife Camilla did it “on purpose.” Prince William and Duchess Kate are “apparently sad” that they will be so busy in Cornwall that there won’t be an opportunity to properly remember Diana on the 19th anniversary of her death.The only plans they’ve made public though are for next year, marking twenty years since Diana’s death.

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Olivia Hunt is now engaged to barrister Nicholas Wilkinson, and the royal couple will be on the guest list.

However, it’s no secret Prince William and Kate Middleton are having marriage troubles.

reports that William and his younger brother Harry aren’t following in the standard British “stiff upper lip” style of communication.

As the August 31 date of Diana’s 1997 death approaches, the royal brothers are sharing more and more details about their grief to help others.

Ennis nodded when she was asked about Prince Harry and Markle’s possible wedding, and she quipped that she was more worried about the wild after-party.

She immediately went silent as she appeared to realize that she might have given away a royal wedding secret.

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