Problem updating itunes 11 0 5 consolidating quickbooks companies

On the plus side i Tunes 12 did boot up no problem.

With the help of some good chaps at the local computer shop, we did a restore to the day before my misguided attempt to upgrade i Tunes and the Windows/connectivity issues were no more.

You’ve just updated to Windows 10 and trying to install i Tunes, but it is not working?

And it's a store that has everything you need to be entertained. i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch owners got an incredibly unpleasant surprise when downloading i OS 10 last night.Here's hoping that someone has a solution that works (please and thank you) for example. I didn't think it was needed ( )Bob Bob, Thanks for your response and most especially some of the embedded links...which contained only one thing I had not seen before and that was to load ccleaner and run.With all the malware out there I can never be sure of Windows integrity and with the aging machines odd things happen. I dont know if this was the defining factor but I now have a shiny new version of i Tunes 12 on my PC and all the other bits (connectivity etc) seem to be working as well. Uninstall all the i Tunes and Apple bits in the proscribed order (i Tunes, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour and Apple Application Support) 2.You may need to remove any lingering components and start fresh if you're having problems.

Wondered if anyone else id having problems updating their Tom Tom app on their iphone.My app store app tell me I have the update but when I tap 'update' I get the 'spinny thing' and then it just goes back to the update prompt.I am on IOS 8.4 Regards Al Hi seadodger, I'm sorry to hear your issue persists! Should this not help you solve the issue, please contact Customer Service for further assistance.You’re ripping your hair out because you have no idea what is going on and how to fix it.Let’s help you out with that because you’re not alone since many have been complaining about the same problem.No doubt Microsoft has done a splendid job with Windows 10 so far, and we expect the company to continue refining the operating system in the coming months to make it better.