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The sighting follows Seyfried's split from boyfriend Justin Long.

She and the 37-year-old actor were together two years before going their separate ways in September, reportedly because they "had different schedules and different lives." "They both tried very hard to make it work because they each wanted to eventually have a family but ultimately they weren't compatible and decided to split up," a source told People at the time.

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When we meet, Fiennes is on the briefest of trips back to London from Dublin, where he is in the final week of rehearsals for Brian Friel's The Faith Healer at the Gate Theatre."My view on awards is that there are no bests in anything", insists Ralph Fiennes."Generally a film is recognised because it achieves something, it challenges us, it entertains us, we escape with it, we're provoked by it, we're moved by it - whatever.He is not content with superficial appearances and is always probing beneath the surface of things for hidden motives. Fiennes depends a great deal upon other people for emotional support and he has a large "family" of friends who care about him and treat him as kin.The women in Ralph's life are particularly important to him, and his relationships with them have a powerful impact on his sense of security and happiness.He enjoys making others comfortable and happy, and he sometimes overdoes his generosity.