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When it comes to talking about sex, Rashida Jones puts it all on the table.

In a new interview with Refinery29, the 41-year-old actress doesn't hold back while talking about her preferences for watching porn, saying that she has recently become 'pickier' about the adult content she enjoys.'I'm getting pickier with my porn, like I am with my food,' the Parks and Recreation star confessed'I want to know how it was made, I want to know that everybody's having a good time, and I want to know that the orgasms are real.' She admitted that she often struggles to find porn that she enjoys watching, explaining that 'when you go search for porn, the first stuff that pops up is not the stuff I wanted to see', describing it as 'violent and abusive', rather than something which 'reflects my desires'.

The two develop a romantic interest in each other and start dating only after Leslie, who previously harbored feelings for Mark, assures Ann she is fine with the pairing.

At first, she seems to be happy with Mark, but as time goes on, she starts getting bored having a normal and healthy relationship, remembering that her relationship with Andy, while terrible, was more interesting.

So let us be complex and be turned on by all types of different things, not just male fantasies.' When questioned whether porn should be viewed as 'degrading' for women, or 'empowering', the actress said that it really comes down to personal opinion, however she noted that it is 'dangerous to declare anything as the road to female empowerment'.

The interview was done as Rashida is promoting her upcoming Netflix series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, which was commissioned following the success of her 2015 documentary Hot Girls Wanted.Stating that women are ‘so complex’, Rashida continued: ‘Women are turned on by everything!Animal sex, fantasies, gay sex, orgies, everything’. So let us be complex and be turned on by all types of different things, not just male fantasies.’ When pressed as to whether porn should be regarded as ‘degrading’ for women involved, or as ‘empowering’, she said that it depends on what your personal opinions are.Rashida Jones, 41, is starring in Netflix’s new show Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On, and she has opened up about her porn preferences admitting that she’s very particular.The Parks and Recreation star compared it to her tastes in food in her interview with Refinery29, as she said: ‘I want to know how it was made, I want to know that everybody’s having a good time, and I want to know that the orgasms are real.’ When she searches for new porn, Rashida isn’t turned on at all by the first lot that shows up in her scour of the net, as she said it’s often ‘violent and abusive’.The well-received film looked at stories of young women working in amateur pornography.