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And I say, hang on a second here, this is a bigger story.

People think that my departure was in some way a reflection on CNBC. And I got to the end of a three-year deal after doing play by play in the afternoon for the financial apocalypse.

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Ratigan rode the tech boom from the Bloomberg wire desk to Nasdaq's Times Square offices – where he ripped through the day's market report on CNBC as though he had a limo of freshly wasted friends waiting for him at the curb – then to an MSNBC show of his own, where his personal brand of nonpartisan anger rose up from America's pissed-off center, above the din of cable TV's most divisive era.

Just after his 36th birthday, he had a multimillion-dollar contract, a loft in Tribeca, two Porsches, and an old moonshine shack he rented in Sag Harbor, Long Island.

But after mortgage-backed securities started melting down and the rotten core of the financial system was revealed, Ratigan was feeling fraudulent – just another loudmouth cheering on players in a rigged game.

Between banking, which he said had become "a criminal enterprise," and what he called "the unadulterated idiocy of the entire government," his show began to reflect his belief that the country was "completely screwed." But he kept at it: "I tried to use my rhetorical power and my platform to prosecute this stuff at four in the afternoon on MSNBC," he says, "and it wasn't working." And as the great shouter's frustration grew, his profile rose and his bosses were happy.

So we can safely insist that she has a huge history in Journalism as well as Financial reporting.

We know about her outstanding career, but hey Melissa, we are all curious to know if you’re dating anyone.The production company is located in a 3,000 square foot studio off of Central Park West.Its first project is an ESPN Films “30 for 30” digital short titled “Posterized: The Story of Shawn Bradley,” which premieres on May 21 on Jenks is the host of MTV’s documentary series “World of Jenks”; his documentary credits include “Room 335″ and “The Zen of Bobby V.” Ratigan resigned in 2012 as host of MSNBC’s “The Dylan Ratigan Show” to work on global resource management and sustainable systems. “Andrew told me he thought I could do a lot more than just talk to an audience,” Ratigan noted.The winner of 2010 Gracie Awards for the outstanding host, who’s been the apple of everybody’s eyes since she started working for television, Melissa Lee has been very public about her professional life. Well, she is the current host of CNBC’s popular show “Fast Money.” Not only that, but she also hosts “Power Lunch,” a show that delves into the economy, real estate, media, and technology.I mean that if you go back in time you find that the ratings at CNBC and other financial networks are extraordinary when markets are crashing, but then when markets stop crashing and we all begin to focus on the fact that we've lost our shirts, we completely lose interest. Ratigan: If that turns out to be the case it would be entirely coincidental. Blodget: So we can hold Jeff Zucker personally responsible for keeping you off the air?