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Surprise beauty fair at work the other day, perfect way to seal the day, I even got a free blow dry!

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[instagram ]https:// F/[/instagram]Also worth checking out (and also free): Sephora's 15-minute makeovers.

If you want to try a product and could use an expert's help breaking down a tricky look (see also: contouring, smoky eyes, and color correcting), you can book some time with one of their artists for no cost at all.

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Next time you're craving a new addition to your beauty arsenal, wondering if that toner is worth the ca$h, or heading on a trip and need some tote-able products, snag some samples first! I have so many so when I save them and can take a photo of all of my #beautyempties it gives me a spring cleaning feeling- for this Smile Sunday I want to hear about your spring cleaning plans 😁🌸#springcleaning #samples #beautysamples A post shared by XOXO, Disney Girl (@disneygirlbeauty) on At the beauty counters of Nordstrom stores, the salespeople have little to-go containers into which they can scoop any of the products you want to test out (whether it's an eye shadow, face mask, or hair treatment).

For some brands, they even have shrunken versions of the actual packaging that are (1) insanely cute, and (2) ideal for travel (because they're way smaller than what TSA requires).

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Sneak Peak on some beauty goodies for our Beauty Trend Week starting May 1st. #nordstrom #nordstromhawaii #cosmetics A post shared by Aloha!!

🌺 (@nordstromhawaii) on Sephora also offers three samples of any item per visit (like Nordstrom, they'll provide you with an adorbs mini version or they'll pour/scoop/squeeze some product into a small container).

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