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The real key is to learn and understand the web accessibility standards rather than relying on a tool to determine if a page is accessible or not.

There are many different types of evaluation tools that can be used to determine whether or not web content is accessible.

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It also includes information on conducting biological specimen screening and locating substance abuse treatment facilities.

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Very often, different software on different platforms will not handle errors in a similar fashion, making it extremely difficult to apply style or layout consistently.

Using standard, interoperable markup and stylesheets, on the other hand, offers a much greater chance of having one's page handled consistently across platforms and user-agents.

This section will focus on the classification and usage of different evaluation tools, and what web designers, developers and evaluators should know about these classifications.

One key in understanding accessibility tools is to understand the standards to which the tool was developed. It takes verbal autopsy interview data as input and produces cause of death estimates at the individual and population levels.The Smart VA cause of death assignment system was designed and validated with the Population Health Metrics Research Consortium (PHMRC) Gold Standard VA database collected as part of the PHMRC Gold Standard VA Validation Study. Population Health Metrics Research Consortium gold standard verbal autopsy validation study: design, implementation, and development of analysis datasets.Please contact AHRQ’s Office of Communications and Knowledge Transfer for permission and to be put in contact with a technical expert before attempting a translation.The Short Assessment of Health Literacy–Spanish and English (SAHL–S&E) is a new instrument, consisting of comparable tests in English and Spanish, with good reliability and validity in both languages.In early 2009 we asked the Web community if they thought there still was a strong motivation for validation.