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But there is a hidden subculture that easily allows you to date and enjoy your time with a special someone in the kingdom.

First of all, dating in Saudi Arabia is nothing like in the west. This is how they are raised to think, and this is what you must respect.

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For very similar reasons that make Russian women get the attention of men from all over the world: they are generally well-educated, family oriented, they are feminine, they dress quite elegantly and many are absolutely beautiful.

Of course, beauty is very personal and everybody has its own criteria of evaluating the beauty of a person but generally speaking, it is hard not to agree that women from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are quite stunning.

Here are just a few examples: Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space.

Maria Sharapova is one of the best women tennis players.

In his first season he opened up the sand dunes of Al Nafud desert for sand boarding and now he is back ...

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