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Though we may have tried to put these biracial and multi-racial celebrities in one box or another, the truth is they have a diverse ethnic background and that’s something everyone should start celebrating and acknowledging in its totality.Here are 15 celebrities we bet you didn’t know are biracial. This “American Idol” and young pop sensation comes New Jersey (although born in Phoenix) as well as from a melting pot of ethnicities.Black men have made it no secret their liking to white women.

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Please feel free to suggest books that might be critical omissions.

Despite the supersaturated celebrity world we live in, there are still a lot of things we don’t know about some of our favorite stars, like their ethnicity.

Though they had some serious electricity, they'd never actually been romantically involved until their wedding night.

But night made up for all of the tension and the waiting.

Meanwhile his father was African-American with some Cherokee roots.

Sex on television has come a long way since the period when married couples weren’t even allowed to share the same bed.So, as Eating and sex have long been intertwined; they are both among the most sensual experiences one can have.This melodrama centers around Tita (Lumi Cavozos), a woman not free to love whom she chooses, whose anguished tears fall into the food she cooks and stokes passion in all who eat it.His mother is Caucasian, of Irish Catholic descent, and his father is part Hungarian and part Mexican. Another musician with a very calming voice, Harper comes from a diversified background.His mother is Caucasian Jewish of Russian and Lithuanian descent.Network TV, though a lot more strict in terms of what can and can’t be shown, has also gotten super creative when putting their characters in sensual situations. We’ve included the season & episode for each sexy moment, so if you want to go back a re-watch, be our guest!