Sequential dating in excel cells

Before jumping on to the tips, it helps to know how excel represents the date and time.

Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential numbers …

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Another theory is that life is the property of ecological systems, and yet another is elaborated in complex systems biology, a branch or subfield of mathematical biology.Abiogenesis describes the natural process of life arising from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds.Then, open this file in Notepad (right click and 'open with').You will then see your list of dates & prices, complete with commas and without any gaps.The process outlined within this screencast (and explained below) outlines how to create multiple dates at the same time (the most efficient way of solving this problem): Alternative Excel method Excel supports the export of data in CSV (Comma Separated Value) type.

First, enter your dates into Excel as detailed above, and then save the file as a CSV type.You can select options after you've applied Auto Fill to populate cells with date information. Click on the column header to select the location for your date information.In the Home tab on the Excel ribbon, click on the arrow at the bottom right corner of the Number section.Having date / time in the sheet is not enough if you can not make it look like the way you want. you may want to show date as "Monday - August 25, 2008". Just select the cell with date and hit ctrl 1 and in the "Number" tab select "Custom" as category and mention "dddd mmm dd, yyy" as format string. You can do this easily with conditional formatting as shown below: In order to do this, we can test whether a given a day is weekend or not in conditional formatting by as weekday() returns 6 and 7 for Saturday and Sunday.You can use similar logic to highlight after office hours (before 9AM or after 5PM) for time values.See Three Factor ANOVA using Regression for information about how to apply these techniques to factorial ANOVA with more than two factors.