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“I guess that’s what got her.” “Guys are hitting on girls 24/7,” Treffry said. “I could be sitting right next to her in the bar and a guy will come up and say, ‘Hey, you wanna come with us? There’s too many guys compared to women out here.” The average annual wage in the county is ,000.(The average wage in the state is pretty close to half that.) No college degree needed.The road was temporarily closed between state Highway 32 and state Highway 18 for repairs to a railroad crossing. D., man who drove his pickup into a house near Edinburg, N.

A human trafficking sting in March led police to Ross after an undercover agent arranged to meet a woman for sex at a Williston hotel.Ross was spotted driving the woman to the “date,” Derek Bernier, an agent with the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, said in court.Williams County detectives say she and others demanded more than 0,000 from a local man, telling him that they would release a video of him using drugs, and threatening to hurt him and his family, if he didn’t pay. Steven Armstrong said the alleged extortion attempt began in early June."Nowadays there's people in class just swiping right, swiping left," said Demetirc Davis of Moorhead.'" asked Veronica Utecht of Moorhead."That's probably really an evolutionary reflection," said Troy Ertelt, psychologist.

"Kind of our modern technology layed on top of the competitiveness of males to breed.

That sounds really gross, but that's probably what it is."On top of that, Ertelt compares Tinder and other apps like it to a slot machine, saying users get hooked on positive reinforcement."You kind of keep going and get another one, and get another hit until you kind of hit the jackpot."One writer even goes so far to say that hook up apps are quote "more arousing than actual hook-ups," saying that the process of Tindering is more fun than going on a date, or even what can sometimes happen "after the date"."You're continually presented with new stimulation, and once you're on a date, it might not be consistently reinforcing," said Ertelt.

So what does this mean for the future of dating, living in what's described as a "technosexual" world?

According to Ertelt, not much, it's just the evolution of sex."Really, I think it's just that human beings will find ways to do it, one way or the other, and this is just the way they're doing it right now."So whether you're trying to find some "'Tinder' loving care," or something long term, these two say cupid's arrow will hit you when and where it wants even if it is on the app."I don't think it'd matter. Tinder has an estimated 50 million users and has been downloaded over 100 million times.

D., has reopened, the state Department of Transportation said. O'Toole, 28, drove through ditches off County Road 9 and a church parking lot around p.m. The criminal complaint alleges that Dennis Ritchie, 49, had sexual contact with the teenager, sex unspecified, in Crystal, N. The meetings, which will begin at 7 p.m., are: - Tuesday: Crystal Elementary School, Crystal, N.

FARGO — The North Dakota Supreme Court has upheld the convictions of three men accused of patronizing a minor for commercial sexual activity, ruling that under the law that the men didn't need to be in the presence of an actual minor for the cases to be valid. Sheeley brought the appeals on behalf of Nicholas J. However, when the men responded to the ad an undercover officer posing as a minor indicated to the defendants she was a minor.