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When Carruth answers my call, Mc Laughlin has been in the hospital for a week with stomach problems. "I don't keep a date book," Carruth rasps, sounding like the English Patient. It crosses my mind that I have the wrong house in Munnsville, just up the road from Hamilton College. No one else looks like a combination of Rip Torn, Rip Van Winkle and God.The old man is positively animated -- even cheerful -- despite the tangle of tubes that connect him to an oxygen tank.

But the glowing red sign at 145 West Broadway—"The Odeon" on one side, "Cafeteria" on the other—stuck out in the sea of black. Inside, the lighting was perfect for all of the beautiful people., would head to the restaurant with her friend Andy Warhol.Warhol thought she was "kooky," but she fit in with his pretty young things and up-and-coming art world stars, like Jean-Michel Basquiat.Mc Inerney had worked as a fact-checker at, before he started selling his short stories, but that job wasn't for him—or at least the magazine didn't think so.He went to the Odeon to pick up women, but it also featured prominently in his newest story, "It's Six A. " which he'd just sold to "1984's trendiest novel." She'd place him and a few other "under-30 novelists" in the "literary brat pack": young writers who were rumored to spend more time in downtown bars and nightclubs partying until dawn instead of writing.Our goal is to help people on their path to performing marriage for friends and family.

The act of solemnizing marriage historically belonged to the people, and only recently has it become the domain of the state.Back from the hospital and, more recently, from the grocery store, 52-year-old Mc Laughlin flits about the kitchen in a funky black sport coat, skirt and tights.A published poet and former model, she gives her ailing husband alternative doses of shit and love.Two Green Mountain poet laureates -- Ellen Bryant Voigt and Galway Kinnell -- believe he should at least have served a term as Vermont's top bard.To compensate, the former Vermonter is being honored next week with four readings around the state, one of which comes with a check and a gubernatorial proclamation. He literally pissed on a consolation-prize medal he received for almost winning a National Book Award in 1992 -- he got the gold four years later -- and he once wrote a letter turning down an invitation to read at the Clinton White House. Reluctantly is the appropriate title of his book of autobiographical essays, which offers unflinching insight into his life, including an anxiety-filled childhood, two trips to the "loony bin," homesteading in Vermont, a lifelong addiction to nicotine, attempted suicide, jazz and the numerous women in his life.after doing some soul searching after my last relationship ~2 years ago I've found that I have issues trusting someone not to betray me and being able to share secrets.