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George's School is a private, Episcopal, coeducational boarding school in Middletown, Rhode Island, United States, just north of the city of Newport, on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Geronimo is a Ted Hood-designed 69-foot fiberglass sloop.

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It is the vast silence of the snowy mountains of remote, far northern Alaska.

But the silence that is the broadcast’s real focus is of a different type. Michael’s children were devastated by a Catholic priest, George Endal, and his assistant, Deacon Joseph Lundowski.

It is the silence of shame, guilt and despair that descended on this 360-person village beginning in 1968. Though Lundowski was caught in the act of abuse and removed from St.

In that year, sexual abuse that would extend to 80 percent of the children of St. Michael in 1975, Father Endal, “revered and above suspicion,” remained in St.


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Michael until 1983, continuing to molest the boys and girls of the village.