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Who has the right to attempt to impersonate the opposite sex? These issues are coming to the fore as conflicts around the hastily and ill-considered “gender identity” laws which were passed in the last decade become tested by real life application. It is a personal internal belief, completely subjective, unprovable, faith-based.

From “Though Avakian does not always file complaints, bureau spokesman Bob Estabrook said he did in this case because “there was concern that a large number of people were impacted.” He also said that because many of the T-Girls are not out of the closet as crossdressers “there may be barriers to the individuals filing the complaint themselves.” Now, these guys make no claim to being “men in women’s bodies”, the standard internal, subjective, self-reported claim which Gender Identity laws are intended to protect. Do Gender Identity protections force women into nonconsensual participation in these males sexual activities? And do Gender Identity laws remove the rights of women to privacy in women’s showers, locker rooms, restrooms and other areas segregated by sex for the safety of women from predatory males? Do Gender Identity laws remove the rights of women to act defensively and “trust their gut” in situations where some creepy dude is imposing himself? Do transgender movement activists make a distinction between transsexuals who have undergone cosmetic medical or surgical “treatments” and hetero dudes that get erections pretending to be female? Do transgender movement activists make a distinction between individuals that have obtained legal “gender” recognition or otherwise objectively demonstrated a history of persistent internal self-concept of oneself as “the wrong sex” – and hetero dudes that get erections pretending to be female? But religious protections don’t provide the right to stomp on the rights of women.

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By choosing to enter this website you are affirming under oath and penalties of perjury pursuant to Title 28 U.

Who are the Gender Identity laws- which are being pushed by mainstream LGBT organizations- designed to protect? In Portland a group of sexual fetishists (heterosexual men whose sexual arousal occurs by imagining themselves occupying the sexual “object” = female) filed a complaint against a bar that refused to allow them to hold gatherings there on Friday nights. These hetero male fetishists, the “Rose City T-Girls” insisted on using the women’s restroom, reportedly leaving the seats up and pissing all over and generally making the women unsafe and uncomfortable. Gender Identity protections protect the right to personal faith and personal belief in stereotypes based on reproductive sex.

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A man may have the right to sacrifice chickens to express his internal subjective faith-based beliefs.