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Mixing up live video with secondary footage and other sources of media allows you to deliver a well-rounded and effective message.

Just like on professional broadcasts, this feature allows you to replace your green screen background with any image, video, effect or any supported video source, so that you can appear to be anywhere.

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Video Pod in Adobe Connect allows Hosts and Presenters to share a webcam video feed with the participants to make the virtual sessions more engaging and useful.Adobe Connect supports a myriad video sharing options.You can also adjust the volume and decrease the echo effect.Many Cam 6.0 has a modular interface which allows you to move the tools around and place your favorite ones right in front of you.But if you were wondering if there is a software that can share webcam with remote locations easily - there is one! You'll need to choose the subscription and create a Flexi Hub account.

Page with registration form will open in your browser – fill it in and click ‘Create Account’.

Every feature is just one click away to save you time and increase your productivity during: If you want to create fun video chats and live streams, try out our new 3D Face Masks that wrap around your face, there is a whole new gallery for you to check out!

We also added amazing new effects for you to get creative on: Create professional-looking live streams adding up to 12 different video, audio and image sources.

Once account was created successfully, open Flexi Hub and enter your login and password.

You may be wondering why is it necessary to create an account when you just want to share your webcam.

Hosts, presenters, and participants with enhanced rights can simultaneously share video from webcams connected to their computers.