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But Plato didn't have the luxury of examining data from dating sites.An analysis of e Harmony users by Five Thirty this week found that while 86 percent of people say they want someone who "complements" them (as opposed to someone who "resembles them"), women and men are much more likely to message those who are similar to them not only in terms of age, attractiveness, education, race and income, but also in terms of less obvious traits like intelligence, creativity and humor.But what could we do to make this an even more epic feature?

Most likely not, since there aren’t any of them left. ” Wolves in eastern North America, whose populations steadily dwindled due to deforestation and hunting, had no choice but to settle for coyotes.But if you heard one 150 years ago, this is probably the English translation of her cries: “I have literally no dating options left in my species … Interspecies dating is a wonderful thing, but for a wolf, the larger and handsomer of the two canines, a coyote is still a serious downgrade, even if some dog genes are thrown into the mix (lonely wolves have also been known to flirt with local dogs).The result of their circumstantial romance is a mesopredator weighing in at about 55 pounds (twice the weight of coyotes), with a genetic makeup around 8 percent dog, 8 percent wolf, and 88 percent coyote.Their hybrid offspring–known as eastern coyotes, coywolves, or coywolfdogs if you want to be comprehensive–are multiplying, and neighborhoods across the northeast are starting to notice.Then, we had Jack Antonoff touch base with Charli about their upcoming tour, life in the spotlight, and (what else?

Have you heard any wolves howling in the northeast recently?

Since then, coywolves have reoccupied the original territories of the eastern wolf and have even migrated on ice floes from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, where they’ve developed a liking for moose and caribou.

Nothing like the adrenaline spike of slipping off a solid hold and taking a massive whipper!

My new best friend at the time, whom I'll call Ben, was a tall, deathly thin nerd with oversize glasses, shoulder-length bleached hair, and a penchant for faux fur—not a look you see every day, to say the least.

So it was surprising when, one day, he showed up with a boyfriend who was almost his identical match, from his facial features to his fashion sense.

Our favorite searches are the really specific soulmate-esque ones (e.g., “siblings or dating” or “royal dorgis”), but we also heartily enjoy the ones that are a little wonky, where we can see the connection, and remain puzzled but amused the ones that come from way out of left field.