Simpsons speed dating

Lenny: Yeah, you must be some kind of marriage super-genius, how about a few tips?

frying1.mp3 Judge: Next case: Duff Man versus Duff Brewing Corporation.

The good-looking bachelor is a man who Marge met through speed dating while she had amnesia.

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After they already add the "7" and the "4" to the Simpsons' curb, Homer tells them that he won't pay, so they leave without finishing.

The next day, the letter carrier delivers them someone else's mail, thinking that their address is 74 Evergreen Terrace. One day, Marge gets a letter claiming that she has won a contest from a magazine she doesn't even subscribe to.

Nonetheless, her prize is that a maid will clean the house for a day while she relaxes.

Highly afraid the maid will be mad if the house is dirty, she cleans everything, from vacuming the air ducts to dusting a key hole.

When Marge bumps her head on a stool by her maximum-strength cleaning solution she uses to clear the house before her free housecleaning (which "she" won thanks to Homer painting the address number on the curb in front of the house), she gets amnesia, but quickly remembers everything except for two things - one, that she's married to Homer, and two, who Homer is.

Looking for a way to get easy money, Bart, Milhouse, and Nelson go around town spray-painting people's addresses on their curbs and make them pay them ten dollars, and when Ned Flanders pay them and ask them to paint his garage for 0, they freak out.Homer then confronted him and told him that he threw away the greatest woman that ever lived. Botz Edna Krabappel • Karl • Blinky • The Capital City Goofball • Todd Flanders • Kent Brockman • Captain Lance Murdock • Roger Meyers, Jr.• Lionel Hutz • Akira • Artie Ziff • Reverend Lovejoy • Seymour Skinner • Herb Powell • Emily Winthrop • Bea Simmons • Professor Lombardo • Mr. Hibbert Michael Jackson/Leon Kompowsky • Congressman Bob Arnold • Ned Flanders • Fat Tony • Scott Christian • Rabbi Krustofski • Millicent • Nelson • Moe Szyslak • Fritz • Justice Of The Peace • Groundskeeper Willie • Smooth Jimmy Apollo • Mr. frying9.mp3 Wiggum: Well, I'd like to thank you for co-operating with u- DID YOU DO IT!? Wiggum: Oh, sorry Marge I can't believe I tried to trick you with such an underhan-- DID YOU DO IT!? Homer: Now if you'll excuse us we'll just DOES THAT EVER WORK!? frying15.mp3 Homer: You know Chief, if you let us go there's a diamond necklace in it for you. What if nobody wants their address painted on the curb? He admitted to Marge that he felt stupid speed dating. He and Marge later were drinking wine by the beach where Marge fell for him even more.