Slovenian girl

Damjan Kozole's character study creates a distinctive mood that is hard to get rid off while hauntingly meditating on capitalism and the world's oldest profession. A student turns tricks on the side, hiding her profession from her father and the police.

The communist Soviet times also left their mark on nature girls from Slovenia.Slovenian girls could tell a lot about the influence of history on the characters of the girls in Slovenia, their ways of thinking etc.But this can be the main theme of the girls in Slovenia.Men should provide financially for their families everything they need.Alexandra is a student from Krsko, a small town in Slovenia, while she studies the English language in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Working as a prostitute, her life is heading to where she wants it, but an accidental death has her wrestling with new feelings of fear, loneliness, confusion and responsibility.

This Slovenian film directed by Damjan Kozole premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival 2009 and it was released theatrically in more than 30 countries (in US under the title A Call Girl).

Co-producers, Alexander Ris, Jorg Rothe, Jelena Mitrovic, Anita Juka, Amra Baksic Camo. Reviewed at Sarajevo Film Festival (competing), Aug. (Also in Toronto, Reykjavik, Rotterdam, Pusan film festivals.) Running time: 88 MIN.

With: Nina Ivanisin, Peter Musevski, Primoz Pirnat, Marusa Kink, Uros Furst, Andrej Murenc, Aljosa Kovacic, Dejan Spasic.

La réalité, sous la forme d'un proxénète menaçant ou des crédits à payer, va vite la rattraper.

Le réalisateur avoue s'être intéressé au cinéma grâce à la télévision.

Young stars Nina Ivanishin was mesmerizing in her role and simply everything she did was right - acting was on the most powerful level even with the antiheroine role like this.