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Guangzhou was historically the major southern port in China and the main outlet for the country’s tea, rhubarb, silk, spices, and handcrafted articles that were sought by Western traders.

Each party is organized so singles meet up to 25 people in a string of three-minute dates.Impact Date - Meet at least ten people face to face individually in one night in the San Francisco bay area.The Canton-system trade came to consist of three major elements: the native Chinese trade with Southeast Asia; the “country” trade of Europeans, who attempted to earn currency to buy Chinese goods by carrying merchandise from India and , meaning “officially authorized merchants”).The cohong merchants had to guarantee every foreign ship coming into the harbour and take full responsibility for all persons connected with the ship.While in Guangzhou they were confined to a small riverbank area outside the city wall where their 13 warehouses, or “factories,” were located.

They were also subject to , in which a prisoner was presumed guilty until proved innocent and was often subject to torture and arbitrary imprisonment.

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