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Penny Bottomley, prosecuting, said although she was shocked and disturbed at its contents, received in January last year, the recipient decided not to involve the police, following discussion with her husband.

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Savinova was one of the runners who questioned Semenya's participation in women's competition at the 2009 world track championships, just prior to Semenya's ban.

Savinova later somewhat ironically admitted to doping and has now herself been banned for life from Olympic competition (she has not yet been stripped of her 2012 gold medal, but if she does, Semenya would be declared the 2012 winner).

He sped off but was arrested at his home 12 days later.

A dossier of evidence showed a large number of men had instantly started messaging the fake online account in an attempt to groom the ‘girl’ for sex.

Though she has never spoken about it publicly, the organization governing international track competition reinstated Semenya supposedly after she agreed to undergo treatment for her testosterone levels.

Much was made in the media of the ban on Semenya and whether or not she was intersex, and her return to track after her reinstatement. Leading up to the 2012 Olympics, she seemed unable to repeat the success she'd had before being barred from competition.He was also ordered to pay the £620 costs of the hearing, a £115 statutory surcharge, and was made subject of a two-year restraining order, forbidding him from contacting the woman.Willey appealed against that sentence at Durham Crown Court, claiming that the custodial element was excessive.Huma Abedin smiles day after new Anthony Weiner scandal revealed But the Daily Mail reported the sexually charged exchanges between Weiner and the teen began in January and went on for months.Weiner — who had previously used the pseudonym “Carlos Danger” during his raunchy ramblings — identified himself as “T Dog” with the Tar Heel teen.He denied two counts of malicious communication, conveying an indecent message, but was convicted following a trial before magistrates in April.