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His software provides exposure therapy, placing users in a variety of scenarios and challenges them to confront social anxieties in VR.According to Mr Walkom, repeated exposure to such situations in a virtual environment can prepare users for anxiety-provoking real-life situations, enabling them to overcome their fears. “While the individual is talking to the avatar, their eye gaze behaviours are being measured to get a better understanding of where they are looking while interacting with the avatar.

In light of the debilitating nature of social anxiety disorder, and the impact of stuttering on quality of life and personal functioning, collaboration between speech pathologists and psychologists is required to develop and implement comprehensive assessment and treatment programmes for social anxiety among people who stutter.This comprehensive approach has the potential to improve quality of life and engagement in everyday activities for people who stutter.There will also be a scene to decrease the individual's anxiety levels, and to calm them.” The software provides feedback on a user’s anxiety levels, showing progress and indicating ways to improve, and also tracks their eye movements.“When someone stutters, they can also involuntarily look away from the person they’re speaking to and their eyelids may close or flicker,” added Mr Walkom.ABOUT THIS SITE: The information below was extracted from the Stuttering Home Page by the SID4 Schools Task Force (Susan Cochrane (chair), Kristin Chmela, Leslie Furmanski, Nancy Ribbler, Glenn Tellis, and Vickie Williams) and Judy Kuster as links especially relevant to school-based speech-language clinicians serving children who stutter and their families.

Additional materials and information is available on the Stuttering Home Page. Sampling Speech Behaviors ( includes Normative data by Hugo Gregory, Bloom/Cooperman's counting disfluencies Real time analysis, 300 syllable analysis form, and Timed sample form The Self Perceptions of Adolescents Who Stutter by M Landera (

Anxiety is one of the most widely observed and extensively studied psychological concomitants of stuttering.

Research conducted prior to the turn of the century produced evidence of heightened anxiety in people who stutter, yet findings were inconsistent and ambiguous.

“Participants' speech will be measured using the Real-Time Analysis of Speech Fluency (RTASF) scale, which provides a measure of various types of disfluency occurring in a speech sample,” said Mr Walkom.

“This will be accomplished by observing the participant and coding their speech by counting fluency and identifying typical behaviours of stuttering.

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