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"They tend to be quiet and discreet when they first meet you, so don't tell them your whole life story or ask probing questions about their family or job," from 2013, the average age of first marriage in Switzerland was 31.8 for men and 29.6 for women.

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The Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey also found that the Swiss average sex 123 times a year, compared to the global average of 103, as is a huge part of keeping up with social graces in Switzerland.Whereas in the United States, we often give our late dates the benefit of the doubt (the subway sucked! "People are also expected to show up on time for social outings, whether it's dinner at someone's house, drinks at a bar, or a party," Switzerland-based writer Catherine Mc Lean "The Swiss are the nicest people but perhaps not the most outgoing or spontaneous upon first encounter or chatty to complete strangers." That means they also steer clear of TMI.We've made tentative plans to go out again, which is nice. You will kick yourself forever if you don't pursue this.I just don't want to come off as too forward while still letting her know that I'm interested in more than friendship... I'm used to English women, who are quite the opposite. I have no expertise on Swiss women, however, the only one I know is an English woman who has become Swiss!I mean, this girl I was out with tonight said a girl she went to a private high school with (a school in Cambridge) said, "I just can't see marrying anyone without a title." My experience however is with working-class people in Yorkshire. I run down to Switzerland all the time for work, and although I get the impression the women there are indeed reserved, finding out would cost me my unreserved German wife, and THAT I am not willing to risk! this woman was nothing to stand out to you as an individual?

People in Yorkshire are like Americans' stereotypes about Italians or something - they're very touchy, warm, loud/enthusiastic, etc.though when we could briefly afford a nanny for our daughter, we had a English working-class young woman as nanny. I had a great discussion with a Japanese friend about how similar English culture was to Japanese culture in that fabled reserve. If you are interested in her as a person then contact her. my 2 cents which, is pretty much worthless in today's economy.I had a great "not a date" which really was a date tonight with a lovely woman, and she's already sent me a message from the train to say she had a good time (to which I reciprocated).The thing is, the Swiss make protestant farmer Americans look like the children of Bacchus; they're very reserved is what I'm saying. It is a quality of many Northern Europeans, however. It is better to be too forward than to miss the opportunity due to lack of action on your part.So, don’t dream about having sex with her on the first date.It is about cultural differences between Switzerland and your country.Our Message: You Can Solve Your Problems & Change Your Life by Escaping America for a Better Life and Love Overseas!