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That didn't work out for Cookie and she went to jail.

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Henson appeared on Strahan's show as a fill-in co-host, and the two reportedly hit it off in a big way.

Apparently, "Michael flirted openly with Taraji on camera, but he wasn't kidding - off camera he kept asking her 'when can I take you out?

returns for its third season, not everyone will be back. Henson, who plays Empire Records matriarch Cookie Lyon, says most of the cast had to wait for the first script to find out which major character was killed off. READ MORE: *Seven questions with Empire star Taraji P Henson ​*Mariah Carey to guest as superstar singer on 'Empire' *Empire's Jussie Smollett is happy to talk about sexual fluidity *Taraji P Henson talks Empire building How has changed your life?

On the bright side, the cast welcomes singer Mariah Carey, guest-starring as a famous performer who is friends with Cookie. It's the battle of light and dark and you start seeing one of Cookie's sons going very dark but Cookie is trying to find the light and get that balance back with the family. Seeing a love that has been through so much adversity, so many obstacles and to finally see the bough break in this relationship is tough for her. I can't go shopping at Target any more and it was one of my favourite places to go.

Ealy plays Dominic, a young man motivated by his love interest’s (Taraji P. He tells Huff Po how, as common as it is, letting your ‘dumb-ass’ friends influence decisions in your relationship teaches you a lesson the hard way–something he had to learn in the movie and in his own life: “I definitely paid homage to a few people that I dated in my past who I’ve met and felt like, “Okay, you’re a dreamer, you just don’t have the execution right now.” There’s something very beautiful and compelling about someone who has ambition and someone who knows what they want, but it can get a little frustrating at times, so I understand that. And so I tried to play him accordingly, I tried to give him a little bit of vulnerability and a dreamer’s sensibility. He’s not a standout guy, so he listens to his boys for all kinds of bad advice. Just like men should have insight into how women think.

I think women should have insight as to how men think.Radar Online reported in January that Kayla and her high school boyfriend Justin Hundley were charged with grand theft after Margaret Cox, Kayla's grandmother, returned to her home after 'recuperating from an illness' to find her jewelry gone.Her ex Justin said that Kayla had been a 'good girl' before high school, but that all changed around the time she turned 14 and was arrested for disorderly conduct when she got into a fight at her home in Port Charlotte, Florida.But what brings this movie home in the end is the fact that everyone feels a sense of connection with the other person, which surmounts the gamesmanship.And everybody is able to put the games away and be themselves and that’s where they find the true connection.” “No, I wasn’t smart enough to read relationship books when I was coming up. And I, like Dominic, would listen to my dumb-ass friends.' Taraji initially brushed off his advances but Mike told her that he was very serious," said one inside source.