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The Tbilisi Metro uses a flat-fare system of 50 tetri per journey.Tokens are no longer in use, and riders must purchase for ₾2 a Metromoney Card (a stored value card available at metro stations), onto which they can add fares.

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) is a rapid transit metro system in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Opened on 11 December 1966, it was the fourth Metro system in the former Soviet Union.Like most ex-Soviet Metros, most of the stations are very deep and vividly decorated The Tbilisi Metro comprises two lines, 27.1 kilometres (16.8 mi) in total length, serving 22 stations.The former comprise 6 pylon stations, 5 column and 5 single vaults (built to the Leningrad Technology).The shallow stations consist of three pillar-trispans and one single vault (Kharkov Technology).Due to Tbilisi's uneven landscape, the Metro, particularly the Gldani-Varketili line, has one surface-level section.The police in Armenia have discovered and closed an internet ring targeting British and Europeans through on-line dating agencies.