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In a sense, writing this piece feels like coming out. The Mail had a point – there's a cult element to emo.

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There are few, but significant differences in the appearance of the male and female emo.

Males love to wear tight pants that naturally show off their small penis. Some of them also have a tendency to kiss other males on the lips.

It's about time to find somebody to love and grow adult with (as everyone keeps reminding you), but the chances are diminished because you can't help but yelp out power angst while cooking or showering. Keep schtum: try to avoid admitting to a) having been an emo, b) harbouring a love of emo, or c) even really knowing what emo is.

The only time this does not apply is when someone else goes first – in which case, be sure it's not a honeytrap.

Clothing varieties can include glasses (most often with dark square rims), multiple piercings, and a dark hoody over a t-shirt from Hot Topic, worn out skin tight jeans, beat up Converse or Vans, and the ubiquitous studded belt that no self-respecting emo kid would be seen without.

Problems arise, however, from the fact that emo kids have absolutely no self-respect.

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In author Robert Young says NSSI has two functions.

Firstly, on a personal level, it reduces negative emotions and secondly, on a social level, it communicates distress or facilitates group ‘bonding’ functions.

It is a largely teenage trend and the members are characterised by depression and self harming - self-harm includes attempted suicide and what's known as self harming or non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), along with the glamourisation of suicide. Brown describes the typical Emo teen as middle-class, white and female.