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Namun baru-baru ini, aktris keturunan Amerika-Itali itu membantah kalau dirinya sedang berpacaran dengan Wang Po Chieh.

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When asked why she would allow this to happen, the love-crazed Joanna said, “Because I love Hsiao Tien and I will do anything he wants.”She went on to describe other common-or-garden sexual acts, albeit in graphic detail.

Pop Stop wonders why Next published such run-of-the-mill tales of hanky-panky. It turns out that Hsiao Tien (小天, Ruan’s pet name, which in Mandarin means Little Heaven and isn’t, rather suspiciously, Big Heaven, 大天) is something of a lothario.

Setelah terikat hubungan dengan Ethan Ruan dalam waktu yang terbilang tidak singkat, tampaknya wanita 31 tahun itu masih ingin menjomblo saat ini.

Selain itu, ibu Tiffany Hsu ternyata nggak mendesak sang putri untuk segra menikah.

Chao, 30, and Gao, 35, fell in love while playing a couple in the Chen Kaige cyberbullying drama Caught In The Web (2012). The groomsmen were Chao's four gangster-playing co-stars in Monga (2010), including Ruan. They had registered their wedding in Beijing in June, and on Friday morning, also registered for marriage in Taipei.

Gao, according to some reports, wore a Chloe embroidered gown for the rings and vows ceremony, as well as a red French lace gown and another Chloe number for the dinner. The love-struck couple spoke effusively about each other.

- Bulan Maret lalu, Tiffany Hsu mengungkapkan kalau telah putus dari Ethan Ruan.

Sudah menjalin hubungan kasih selama delapan tahun lamanya, rumor perselingkuhan aktor 33 tahun itu santer jadi alasan keduanya berpisah.

AND she managed to net Jay Chou, what else can we say?

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“He’s definitely a Scorpio,” she said, explaining that Ruan was capable of performing for at least 30 minutes a time.“He really likes anal sex and though it’s a little painful, I like it too,” she said.