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In an interview with Huff Post, Liai said her groom-to-be did a great job of keeping his plan secret.Earlier in the evening, the couple had celebrated their eighth anniversary with dinner at Catch LA, and Liai was under the impression that they were headed to Millennium to teach a couple’s dance class that night.

When I sat down with the director Jonah [Markowitz], he clarified it for me that he really wanted to get the grit of the chemistry between these two characters. I think that’s what everyone sees in the movie because everybody speaks about it so highly. I wanted it to be so organic and come off as natural, because that was the story with my character Zack, that was his whole story. He wasn’t “born gay.” He had such a strong bond with this guy and was so intrigued by Shaun’s character that Zack just dove in for it and really wanted to explore the idea where he did find himself being truly attracted to this guy.

That’s what I’m such a supporter in the community, doing the NOH8 campaigns, and talking to the fans.

His first feature-film role was in 1993's Memories by Joe Frank, but his first major role was as "Zach" in the 2007 independent film Shelter, directed by Jonah Markowitz and co-starring Brad Rowe, Tina Holmes and Ross Thomas.

His role brought him three awards for Best Male Lead at the Dallas Out Takes, and Best Actor and Audience Awards at Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

A video shot by LA-based videographer Typo shows the longtime couple dancing in perfect step to “You & I (Nobody In The World)” by John Legend.

Midway through the routine, Wright drops down on one knee and asks Liai to marry him.At 30 years old, Trevor Wright can claim his ride in the entertainment industry has been both varied and very long.He began as a GAP spokeskid who landed a role in Paula Abdul’s “Forever Your Girl” video alongside Elijah Wood, and he grew up landing roles on , the 2007 independent gay romance written by the film’s director Jonah Markowitz. Wright is currently working on a web series with collaborators Tim Sullivan and Brian Mc Culley (the director and producer responsible for “I Was a Teenage Werebear,” the segment of came out, and the popularity of this tiny film among gay filmgoers endures. Trevor Wright: It’s such a beautiful story; that’s what’s really captivated everyone’s attention, the love, and that it’s such a happy, feel-good movie.Local media reports claimed the jet-setting comic snapped up a luxury penthouse apartment in the exclusive 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town’s city-center.On Wednesday, their dance-centric love story came full circle: In the middle of a choreographed couple’s dance at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, Wright surprised Liai by asking her to marry him.His very first break came through his involvement in music videos when, in 1989, Wright, along with fellow actor Elijah Wood, appeared in the video for Paula Abdul's single "Forever Your Girl," directed by David Fincher.