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A large marker marks the spot of Rix Robinson's grave.

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The Freedom Township History Project has been underway since 2000, under the direction of Robert Miller, Township Historian.The Project has been collecting and preserving many artifacts, stories and photographs on township history, including conducting a Township History Day in 2002 and the township's 175th Anniversary Celebration in September 2009.As a life long resident, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to our community and our Township form of government.Township government is the oldest form of government in the united states dating back to the 17th century, Jackson Township is run by a three-member board of supervisors elected at large for a six year term.Residents have contributed many genealogies, photographs and other written material to the townships History File.

A major effort of the History Project is the ongoing preparation of a book entitled: THE HISTORY OF FREEDOM TOWNSHIPThe Past and Present of Freedom Township, Washtenaw County, Michigan,with a Chronology, Vignettes and Biographies of Township Residents Edited by Raymond M. Miller This book is intended to both capture and preserve the history of the township and its inhabitants, and to create a snapshot of Freedom Township as it exists today for the benefit of future residents.The municipalities participating in the regional Plan include the Cities of Nanticoke, Pittston, and Wilkes-Barre; the Boroughs of Ashley, Courtdale, Dureyea, Edwardsville, Exeter, Forty Fort, Hughestown, Kingston, Laflin, Larksville, Luzerne, Plymouth, Pringle, Sugar Notch, Swoyersville, Warrior Run, West Pittston, West Wyoming, Wyoming, and Yatesville; and the Townships of Hanover, Jackson, Jenkins, Lehman, Newport, Pittston, Plains, Plymouth, and Wilkes-Barre.As chairman of the board of supervisors I would like to welcome you to our web site.For more detailed information, visit https://regisims... Located west of the corner of Fulton Street SE (M-21) and Grand River Drive (Cemetery Locator Map), Ada Cemetery is the final resting place for Rix Robinson who founded Ada in 1821, and purchased a trading post from Madame Magdelaine La Framboise (who headed North and later retired to Mackinac Island).Rix Robinson was the first Supervisor when Ada was established as a Township in 1838.Palmyra Township Trustees changed their next regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday September 12 at p.m. The meeting will be held in the Fire Station Meeting Room. Cofojohn, Fiscal Officer Palmyra Township10100 Williams Rd Diamond, OH 44412(330) 654-4098 Extension 211E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.