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In its 31-year history, home shopping TV channel QVC has always faced the limitations of time -- just 168 hours a week to sell its products.Here's how real-time data feeds have changed the company's marketing efforts.

This research report will examine how and why IT organizations are adopting Dev Ops methodologies, the effects on their staff and processes, and the tools they are utilizing for the best results.

Is Dev Ops helping organizations reduce costs and time-to-market for software releases? Find out in this Information Week and Interop ITX infographic on the state of Dev Ops in 2017.

I have included a large diagram on this page which should help you understand the new Hyper-V virtual extensible switch.

Even if you don’t intend to run virtual machines on top of Hyper-V, you would still need the Hyper-V role to be installed to give you a whole new range of cool virtual network options that you never got before.

The Dev Ops movement brings application development and infrastructure operations together to increase efficiency and deploy applications more quickly.

But embracing Dev Ops means making significant cultural, organizational, and technological changes.Chances are your organization is adopting cloud computing in one way or another -- or in multiple ways.Understanding the skills you need and how cloud affects IT operations and networking will help you adapt.It was found that VMware firmware/bios reports meaningless data for the device names causing inconsistent, changing or missing network device names after reboot.An update to systemd in RHEL 7.3 was made to provide consistent device names but can result in a final network device name change if the virtual guest already had the long device name This issue can be avoided by updating installation repositories to include the systemd-219-30.el7_3.6 or later package.Windows seem to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update the computer froze after rebooting the computer and monitoring the processes I saw memory was full ran a diagnostic reported the sticks were fine.