Updating eclipse 3 4

Py Dev is available in Li Clipse, which provides a hassle free (and OS-native) experience to install it.

Or through 1-time contributions at: Paypal Search Py Dev-related content Li Clipse Get Li Clipse from help supporting Py Dev) and use a native installer with Py Dev builtin.

Update Manager Go to the update manager (Help Install New Software) and add: (for latest version) or (for nightly build)   and follow the Eclipse steps.

Of course your Eclipse installation needs to contain the Java development tools (JDT) which is included in the default SDK installation. Hit Install for the entry "Ecl Emma Java Code Coverage".

Since Eclipse 3.6 the Eclipse Marketplace Client allows direct installation of Ecl Emma from within Eclipse.

I would definitely back up your workspace first, or at the very least backup your .metadata folder.

To upgrade to a new version, the eclipse FAQ suggests to add a new repository and then install available updates.so that Eclipse will query the update site you just entered for contents.Before proceeding, it's recommended that you UNCHECK the 'Contact all update sites during install to find required software' (it will still work if you don't do that, but it'll query all the update sites available, which is much slower than querying only the Py Dev update site, which should be all that's needed to install Py Dev).Ecl Emma requires Eclipse 3.8 or higher and Java 1.5 or higher. Perform the following steps to install Ecl Emma from the update site: 1.It has no dependencies on a particular operating system. From your Eclipse menu select Help → Install New Software... In the Install dialog enter at the Work with field. Check the latest Ecl Emma version and press Next 4. For manual installation please download the latest Ecl Emma release.At that point, Eclipse should automatically download the plugin contents and present you to a dialog asking if you want to restart (to which you should say yes).