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So, here I am, a non-typical My Space user, setting up my profile and documenting how I did each step to teach others.

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So many folks that have My Space accounts have visited Help For Web Beginners to learn how to create Marquees.

When I started looking at other sites to help My Space members jazz up their profile pages, none seemed to explain how to get started.

The problem with Keegan’s hack, however, is twofold: a) it violates My Space’s Terms of Use by blocking advertisements, and b) it produces essentially a static, non-functional page by replacing all of My Space’s code with your own.

What we really want to do here is simply decrappify our home page as much as we can without violating the Terms of Use and replace all evil design elements with a cleaner, more professional look.

Unfortunately, 99% of the customizations I’ve seen are chalkboard-screechingly awful, but what could a My Space home page look like if some actual design thought went into it? But first — as Keith Robinson asked me when I first showed him what I was doing — “Ummm, why? Turns out My Space customization is a cottage industry unto itself.

Unfortunately, the first twenty sites I found produced nothing but crap.When I opened the email, I was greeted with this scary sight…After a hurried check of the source code, I realized My Space was converting my character entities <style> code into a working tag.right, and no matter what your thoughts on it as a vehicle for your own expression are, you must give it its full due for what it is to seemingly everyone else.Several weeks ago, I finally signed up for an account, and within seconds I was instantly put-off by what had been created for me: a hastily-designed “profile page” with uninspired colors, misaligned tables, and a mish-mash of extraneous cruft and design elements which made this feel more like a halfway house than a “home”.I just updated the Myspace Backgrounds section with over 200 of them, complete with code.