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Single-function host devices and individual functions of multi-function host devices may be configured to enable this.Configurations exposing devices as multi-function PCI slots to the virtual machine are recommended only for non-hotplug applications.

I’m not so familiar with LUA-programming, but I have modifyed another LUA-script that I use for a wheather station where I only "scraping" the temperature as an referens.

I have installed a virtual sensor for temperature and humidity (Idx=45) and the file with temperature and humidity data contains the values “21;45” ( 21 degrees Celsius and 45 % humidity).

In order to make sure we’re providing that experience, we had to do a lot of testing, across a multitude of devices, screen sizes, browsers and operating systems.

As a publisher using the Add This tools, you’ll need to do your own testing to verify your user’s mobile experience.

If device assignment fails, there may be other endpoints in the same IOMMU group that are still attached to the host.

There is no way to retrieve group information using virt-manager, but virsh commands can be used to analyze the bounds of the IOMMU group and if necessary sequester devices.

So it's only 1 sensor and you must send Temp & humidity in the same svalue like explained here : https:// ...

2Fhumidity What you have in log : 21;45 is exactly what you need to send to the sensor.

If you are encountering issues with a Genymotion device not being detected inside Android Studio, try the following steps. Next, open up the Terminal application on your computer.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 supports PCI hot plug of devices exposed as single-function slots to the virtual machine.

Luckily you can use the Android Emulator, part of the Android SDK.