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I am not going to go into the details of the WMI architecture, but I must briefly discuss a few aspects of it here: WMI consumers, WMI providers, and WMI repository.

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Surely we can use Windows Security Center to determine the antivirus software protecting the endpoint, right? Recently, Microsoft have exposed some new interfaces for determining the product's name and state that are reporting the Windows Security Center that are available on Windows 8 operating system.Microsoft has even provided a sample project illustrating how to work with the new Windows Security Center interfaces. Well for Windows 8 users, Microsoft has provided a secure way of obtaining this information, but how relevant is this today?If you consider the market share for Windows 8 desktops, not very relevant at all.So how can earlier operating systems query this information? Windows Security Center is built upon Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) which is an infrastructure for managing all kinds of data and operations on Windows operating systems.On the Object editor window Click “Show MOF” tab.5.

Review the setting for CCM_Update Source for the update that we’ve selected.

In this example Content Location is set to WSUS Server we scanned against.1.

Connect to “Root\ccm\softwareupdates\Updates Store”2. Click on “Query” and paste the following query in the “query” windows and click on “Apply”select * from CCM_Update Status3.

I am quickly learning that there are multiple ways to achieve the desired result within MDT.

I set out to add BIOS updates to my task sequence and found a few posts that walked you through this.

I created a folder under my Applications folder in my Deployment share, named Dell.