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For testing purposes I also forwarded 46555 on my local router and disconnected from the VPN. I have a port forwarded on your servers (46555) for u Torrent for both UDP and TCP. But for some reason I cannot get the DHT to properly log in.

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There are no best queue settings in u Torrent, it all depends on your downloading needs.

But if you have a limited download speed (usually mobile data plans), then lowering upload speeds is a good idea.

The u Torrent- a torrent software- (it's actually "µT") it is one of the most recommended application nowadays for downloading big size files with resumable capability.

And to increase u Torrent downloading speed is a crucial part to tweak.

It's really annoying if your torrent slowly downloads and takes hours or even days to finish. How to increase downloading speed in u Torrent/Bit Torrent?

The less number of seeders and slow internet speed are the basic reasons for slow downloads. Learn to make u Torrent turbo booster to download by using following killer ways to boost torrent speed in Windows/i OS.

Do you want to increase download speed, protect from hackers, avoid port blocking or just improve the experience? But having 20 torrents queued with a high-speed bandwidth allocated will not guarantee anything if you have a seedless or even worse… Checking and improving the health of your torrents is a very good way to ensure high speed. A healthy torrent would be one with high activity, especially lots of seeders.

If you are eager to download 20 files at a time, you can configure the u Torrent application to do so.

Last time we have seen, Firefox booster - Speedy Fox to make Firefox run faster; and today we are going to see one of the essential tutorials that will help you to get top speed in u Torrent by using best u Torrent settings, and I am sure it will work as a u Torrent turbo booster. Under 'Port used for incoming connections', enter any port number. (Don't set this too high may cause speed slowdown) 9.

Also, check; Top 6 Tips to Speed Up, Optimize & Improve Windows PC Performance So here is the hack to overcome these slow speed u Torrent problems, the following steps are optimized to provide you best torrent settings that will improve the internet speed. Look 'Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent' and set this to 75. Look for 'Number of upload slots per torrent' and this set to 50. Check this: 'Use additional upload slots if upload speed Queuing 13.

Configuring u Torrent to increase download speed is relative to your resources. If you have all the time in the world, keep a long queue.