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For more than a decade, as part of its strategy to prop up one of its only allies, China refused to allow the UN Security Council to even consider cutting oil shipments to the north.

Beijing’s calculus was that the maintenance of the North Korean regime took precedence over everything.

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“I found it funny at the beginning, but sometimes I had to make them understand I am not an object.” Lamarre was a woman when he was deployed to southern Afghanistan’s blood-soaked Panjwaii region in 2010.

Every other day, he drove a truck supplying gasoline, ammunition and food down a hazardous highway, through enemy terrain.

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Something interesting is happening in China and perhaps U. In an editorial in the semi-official Global Times on April 12, Pyongyang was put on notice that it must rein in its nuclear ambitions, or else China’s oil shipments to North Korea could be “severely limited.” It is extraordinary for China to make this kind of threat.

For the first time, the Chinese government appears to have laid down a bottom-line with North Korea and is threatening Pyongyang with a response of “unprecedented ferocity” if the government of Kim Jong Un goes ahead with a test of either further tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles or a nuclear device.

Authentication also involves remembering, transporting, and making identity information available to various components of a system when that information is needed.