Valuing and validating bilingualism in canada

Of course, this could be a challenge in Quebec where language is so highly politicized.

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Language knowledge is considered an important element of human capital and an economic asset to the individual.

My hope is that our leaders will give some thought to a new national languages strategy that pushes beyond the limits of institutional bilingualism in Canada.

Because educational policy — including early language instruction — falls under the purview of the provinces, such an initiative requires an intergovernmental approach.

Across the globe, the value of knowing more than one language is well understood, as revealed in several national public opinion surveys.

Research conducted internationally clearly indicates that the development of multiple language proficiency is possible, and indeed that is viewed as desirable by educators, policy-makers, and parents in many countries.Because BEIS takes an advocacy position with respect to bilingualism and multilingualism, we have chosen to encourage the discussion of educational and sociopolitical issues in bilingual and multilingual educational settings around the world in multiple languages.This is the first issue of the BEIS newsletter in which writers were invited to submit bilingual or multilingual manuscripts, that is, material written in English and at least one other language.Even Barbie and Ken have a tough time finding real love.Plastic surgery addicts Justin Jedlica, 35, and Pixee Fox, 26, became inseparable friends after their mutual obsession with cosmetic procedures proved an obstacle in their romantic lives.According to , an eyewitness spotted Handler and Flay eating dinner at Blue Plate Oysterette, located in Santa Monica, California.