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as a gay couple trying to stay together in the aftermath of infidelity, returns for its second season this fall exclusively on Vimeo On Demand.

The trailer turns up the heat on Cal and Thom’s relationship, as they explore opening things up sexually.

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Cal (Kit Williamson) and Thom (Van Hansis) have been living in East Los Angeles (hence East Siders) and have been in a relationship for each other for four years. The man Thom is cheating with; however, is completely unaware that Thom is in a relationship.

The series starts with Cal and Thom trying to deal with the reality that Thom has been cheating on Cal for the last three months with Jeremy (Matthew Mc Kellingon). When we first meet Jeremy (the other man) he is telling his mother about how much he cares about the man he has been dating for three months (Thom).

This series is written/directed/starring Kit Williamson (who plays Cal). If you have ever been cheated on, yet still found yourself being drawn to the person that broke your heart, then you can and will sympathize with Cal.

The series is about a couple who have been together for four years. Cal has been in a relationship with Thom for four years and is sadly and, unfortunately, well aware that Thom has been cheating on him for three months.

Nominees for the 5th Annual Indie Series Awards were revealed in a special episode of We Love Soaps TV earlier today.

The ISAs celebrate the best in independently produced, scripted entertainment created for the Web.When Cal confronts Jeremy and tells him that he and Thom are together, Jeremy initially thinks that Thom has been cheating on him with Cal.He then soon comes to find out that Thom was cheating on Cal with him. Cal is very reminiscent of Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi) from the series “Chuck” as he is handsome, endearing and wounded.Julian Christopher, BULK Richard Cutting, Milgram and the Fastwalkers Peter Halpin, 3some Van Hansis, East Siders Jason Kuykendall, Dark Pool Sebastian La Cause, Hustling Best Lead Actress - Drama Kate Conway, Out With Dad Sierra Hersek, Dark Pool Alicia Minshew, Tainted Dreams Lisa Roumain, Split Daphne Rubin-Vega, Hustling Colleen Zenk, Thurston Best Supporting Actor - Drama Andrew Glaszek, Hustling Rob Healy, Broken at Love Kyle Lowder, De Vanity Gerald Mc Cullouch, Hustling Matthew Mc Kelligon, East Siders Robert Nolan, Out With Dad Best Supporting Actress - Drama Jillian Clare, Clutch Rachael Hip-Flores, Producing Juliet Caitlynne Medrek, Out With Dad Lindsey Middleton, Out With Dad Sharon Washington, Hustling Constance Wu, East Siders Best Guest Star - Drama Sharon Farrell, Broken at Love Stephen Guarino, Hustling Traci Lords, East Siders Gordon Thomson, De Vanity Charlene Tilton, De Vanity Walt Willey, Thurston Best Ensemble - Drama 3some The Bay The Dreamers East Siders Producing Juliet Tainted Dreams Best Web Series - Comedy Husbands Noirhouse Pete Winning and the Pirates Professional Friend Twenty Five Wrecked Best Directing - Comedy Henryk Cymerman and Tim Russ, Bloomers Steve Silverman, Dating in the Middle Ages Eli Gonda, Husbands Shaun Wilson, Noirhouse Nate Golon, My Synthesized Life Mike Fly and Simon Fraser, Versus Valerie Best Writing - Comedy Rob Raffety, Andrew Heaton and Satya Thallam, Cap South Julie A.Smith and Donna Hurst, Fumbling thru the Pieces Brad Bell and Jane Espenson, Husbands Jeff Parkin, Jared Cardon, Lisa Valentine Clark, Adrienne Cardon, Kacy Faulconer and Tom Quinn, Pretty Darn Funny Eric Bilitch, Professional Friend Liz Ellis, Courtney Meaker, Gabriel A.The second season premiered on Vimeo on Demand on September 15.