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Browse through the template sets and select your favorite!Download your templates and then save them into a new folder in the website builder for you to access as you continue to create website.They all have bundles for within Europe, starting at £1 a day for 20 megabytes (20MB) of internet use with Orange, enough for an hour of Facebook, according to But those heading further afield could find they have less choice.When a heartbroken Emily Belden moved to Chicago and started a blog about her failed relationship and ensuing dating life (sometimes disastrous, sometimes enchanting, always entertaining), she had no idea it would get her a book deal and the best meal of her life along the way.

“I didn’t have any expectations for it, I just wanted to tell these experiences to my friends and not have to repeat the story over and over,” Belden says.

The Alinea post resonated with readers because of the restaurant’s fame, and because of the writer’s innocent approach to what’s heralded as the ultimate dining experience. I had this crash course in fine dining and got to experience some of the world’s best restaurants in a matter of days.” After Floris returned to The Netherlands, Belden wanted to stay connected to the fine-dining world.

Some back story: Emily meets a man from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, named Floris, while getting in a cab one night. “I learned so much about stopping and experiencing and appreciating the whole package, and all of the decisions that affect every single dish–the shape and size and every little detail.

Here is a sample tutorial on how to create website using the templates in the website builder.

The tutorial begins by showing where to locate your Templates button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the page. A new page will open in the website builder that displays a variety of template sets to select from.

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