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that guy…he must be using an alias.i think bob is here, but he’s aliaser is aliasing if he uses an alias.

2) In Macintosh operating systems, an alias is a desktop icon for a particular program or data object.

looking around i can see a lot of funny alias’s mine, Se Da Luz is Spanish and its literal translation to English means “To Give Light” but it also means “To Give Birth” la mama se dio luz a una bebe the mum gave birth to a baby what does yours mean? Im at this stage of having my alias name as a tattoo for the back of my neck, thou not too sure whether to go for Maori wording as Ma (macron over letter a) Waiwai or stay as english. I am from a maori descentant, being half maori from Ngapuhi tribe and half dutch. It was a really big deal back then, people usually had high beam spot lights to help them search.

Well on most weekend nights my brothers would take their cars up to the local hang outs,(various parking lots on the main drag in our small town) it was pretty common to have 30 or 40 cars playing. That person would drive somewhere (usually the boundaries were the city limits, but sometimes this varied) and park his car in a hiding spot, and when he was good and hidden (usually with a girlfriend in the car for company) he would say he was ready over his CB. Something like, “I’m northwest of the court house, and I can see a flashing red light, and I’m not far from where I might get a flat tire fixed.” The cars would all head off looking for the “rabbit”.

Many years ago, when I was about 12 years old a game we used to play where I live was called Rabbit Hunting. All of the folks who were into mobile cb’s had them in their cars.

Well, my friend who got me into it was one of my friends from way back then.

One of the nicest, kindest people you will ever meet.More than ever before people have begun using acronyms in order to save time and effort especially when texting, or pretty much any use of the Internet.Phrases such as “Oh my God” and “Laugh out Loud” have been replaced in our language by OMG and LOL.In some cases, an alias capias can be lifted if the person named in the warrant appears in court or has an attorney appear on his or her behalf.Certain information is usually required to be included in an alias capias.When he got me setup to play he set me up with the name “Cookieman.” So I was running around in this war game with people named stuff like “Sgt.