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This rule was originally created to prevent developers from flooding the App Store with duplicated junk apps such as fart and burp apps but also to prevent from a single developer to flood the App Store with multiple versions of the same app with no added value.

On the other hand, there are some companies that use this model with great success, for example: Aviary photo editor SDK - there are lots of apps that use it and they all essentially look the same, have the same UI\GUI and the same features.

Whether you're a musician growing your fanbase or a business-owner getting that modern edge, your mobile app helps you reach the people who help you grow.

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Mobile development has been a key area of growth for SNAP and the Company recently rolled out several new, cutting-edge features, improving the mobile dating experience for the more than 750,000 users who have downloaded the popular Are You i Phone application.SNAP believes that online dating in the future will primarily occur on social networking and mobile platforms.Needless to say, many don’t make it as successfully and some even fail. Read More The mobile app world is a highly-competitive industry, most especially for app resellers and developers who are just starting out.The App Store, Google Apps Marketplace and other mobile app stores are undeniably composed of millions and millions of mobile applications of every kind—all battling to become the next top app.Whether you have just started a business or possess years of experience running a successful business, there are always new things that can fuel your business growth in the marketplace.

No matter what type of business you own, one thing necessary for you is to meet your customers’ expectations.The Remove Branding add-on allows you to remove the branding from the Widget and Support Emails as well as use your own domain for sending out support emails. To stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, improving services is the only key to business success.If you're like us, you start and end your day with an app — and we're honored to have millions of people choose to start their day with ours.Our team of data-scientists, designers, and code-monkeys are cooking up a potent mix of apps for those of us who "like", "follow", and "favorite". Apps are the best way to get tailored to your fans.SEO for white label mobile applications work virtually the same way as SEO for websites.