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Their fifth studio album, Strange Love, came out on November 20, 2015. Friends since childhood, the four bandmates (singer/guitarist Travis Clark, guitarist Hunter Thomsen, his bassist brother Drew Thomsen, and drummer Danny Duncan) formed the group while attending high school.The band got its name from the middle school that all the members attended called Martha B. The band's first tour was with Don't Die Cindy in the summer of 2005 where the group went by Broken Image, then later went under the moniker De Soto.“And that’s built through the companies that I represent.” Kelce’s Brand is on full display.

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I wanted my friends to be interviewed 'cause I wanted people to know that my book was real and give their opinions even if they were humiliating on behalf of me.

I always read memoirs and I’m like, "I wish books could make eye contact so I can know if the person’s lying." [ Melissa, my first wife, is still my great friend.

The drummer (of Blink-182, Transplants, etc.) has survived a plane crash, the death of his good friend DJ AM, gang-related shootings, substance abuse, and two tumultuous marriages—one of which was documented in the reality series (2005–2006) during his marriage to model Shanna Moakler.

While drummers are notoriously overlooked in rock bands, people have always been fascinated with Barker's private life, making him one of—if not most—famous drummers today.

The band A Heartwell Ending (later renamed Call the Cops) supported for the final leg of the tour.

While teaming with Bret Disend in Fall of 2005, We the Kings went on its first tour under that name as a five piece, with the then-unknown Boys Like Girls as the group supported the new release of the "Great Escape" music video.I think this tour, for us, is not only very humbling, but at the same time it’s going down memory lane and remembering where you came from, remembering how grateful we are for all the fans that have come over the past 10 years."In preparing for this tour, the guys (Clark, drummer Dan Duncan, guitarists Hunter Thomsen and Coley O' Toole, and bassist Charles Trippy) have been putting on repeat to not only become familiar with the songs again, but also to figure out the best way to present these songs live.He hinted that each show will involve stories behind songs, but not necessarily the same stories in every city so each show is special.17) and marks the first opportunity for the band to play every song from their first album, ."Going back and being able to play our first album is really, really cool because as much as it will be for the fans, it’s really for us too -- to feel that youth and excitement again from that side," Clark says."I’m already having those nostalgic moments and it’s really cool, because it’s really easy to get caught up when success starts rolling in and lose a little bit of yourself.It’s one thing if I’m 7 or 8 years old, but I was like 17."Clearly he wasn't too crazy, because 14 years later (Clark is now 31), he's fronting a band that has a platinum single, five albums, and has toured around the globe to share their music with the world.