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"I thought being on the radio might help me score a date for the prom.

Only problem: that job was at a small Country station, which no one listened to…Even ME! His nomadic jock journey took him to Indianapolis as pd for WNTR and later, was transferred to Memphis by Entercom.

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By age 18, I lucked in to an undeserved dream job, doing afternoon drive at B100 San Diego."When KTNQ became the high-powered "Ten-Q," Willie got the call to join the Top 40 station. He went on to WRKO-Boston and eight years at B104, the dominant station in Baltimore. "I left the country for a while, living in TEXAS..:-)." The “B” in Willie “B” stood for BOURBON Street (actually, he doesn’t drink! "I was actually on several Entercom stations simultaneously: afternoon drive in Indy, Madison, Memphis, etc." He cites several career highlights: voted ‘ Radio Personality of the Year’ in 1989, and several nominations for the same title with the Poe Awards.

"I appeared in an NBC Special with KISS, John Mellencamp and even George Harrison (BTW: He told me HIS favorite Beatle song was , George: KFWB, 1961; KABC, 1973.

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