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Lisa Raye (best known to us old schoolers as “Diamond” in the “Player’s Club”) and rapper, Da Brat, are biological sisters with the same father, David Ray Mc Coy.

Their beloved father was a paraplegic who was also a well known Southside Chicago businessman.

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In 1995 she first appeared on the popular television series "In the House".In 2001 she was voted by the readers of Black Men Magazine as the year's sexiest woman.Illinois Mc Coy was born in Chicago and is well known as Lisa Raye Mc Coy, an American actress, model, businesswoman and fashion designer.She is the daughter of David Ray Mc Coy a Chicago-based businessman and Katie Mc Coy a former professional model.The two have been thought to be romantically linked since he began working on the show. She’s a beautiful woman.” Although he is single, his mind is nowhere near trying to find love.

Letting out a hearty laugh at the insinuation, Harold tried his best to explain away the rumor that spread like wildfire. I mean we all were in and out of each other’s trailers; that’s what cast mates do,” he said. Being recently out of a relationship, House chose to focus solely on progressing in his career and giving back when he can.Mc Coy made her acting debut as the lead in Reasons, an independent film directed by Monty Ross.Mc Coy is perhaps best known for her role as Diamond in The Players Club, directed and written by Ice Cube.She also appeared in The Wood, opposite Omar Epps, Rhapsody, All About You, and Go for Broke.In 2003, Mc Coy starred as Neesee James in the UPN/ CW sitcom All of Us, where she played Duane Martin's ex-wife. Mc Coy began her career as a model for fashion, but before that she was married to Archie Amerson.He may be known as the trouble-making brother Terrence on VH1’s “Single Ladies”, but in real life Harold House Moore is a lover of charity and all things fashion.