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Typical iron sets include a 3-PW (8-iron), with many golfers struggling to hit the 3, 4 and 5-irons consistently. Read more Are you seeking unrivaled distances from tee to green? “Not even the best golf clubs in the world will fix your swing faults”.

This nickel plated charcoal heated iron hails from a little-known Milwaukee, Wisconsin manufacturer.Note the similarity of design between it and another desirable iron from that city, the Waterman patent Gem "thermometer iron".Such items might include hard to find vintage wedges that are only in 'fair' or 'near good' condition.Such clubs are playable as-is but you might refinish (or re-chrome) to perfection.Are you seeking unrivaled distances from tee to green?

Are you hoping to achieve better shot accuracy, or shot shaping?

Irons may be of clever design but 'short on popularity' like those from Jerry Barber or Arnold Palmer.

Some great putters, including custom designs, can fall into this category. The biggest game improver in the past century is the golf ball and better manicured golf courses.

Classic golf clubs have known trademarks although some very high quality equipment is lesser known.

Original offering price has little effect on current desireability or value.

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