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It was flaming and my makeup was wearing off as everyone was constantly flapping hands trying to find some air, but in the midst of all that, we all still danced when songs like Phyno’s or when M. DJ Jimmy Jatt gave us a nice set of jams to boogie to and we never forgot to capture the moment even while on the dance floor.I had the best jollof rice, fried rice and moi moi combo I have ever had in my life (no exaggeration) and after that we all headed back to the hotel to continue to party. We all got off tight dresses and and slipped into some comfy party clothes, got something to eat and started a club.Of all the people we have to thank for being brave enough to put themselves out there at a time when it wasn’t conventional, Noble Igwe just might be the king.Noble Igwe – The Slu…Sshh Kid; Founder of 360Nobs and Style Vitae, 2015 LFDW Ambassador, and current Ambassador for Pay Porte, Remy Martin and Casper and Gambini’s.You will be surprised what you will learn about yourself and other people when you are stuck with them in a bus for 10 hours.

We finally got to Umuomaku and Noble did not waste time to show the SV team and some of his friends his family home – the stream down the road (which was a stone throw from his home), the mud houses with thatched roof scattered around his neighbourhood, masquerades dancing around, and a long list of things we laughed and bonded over one of which was the weird names of brands in the east, from We all chattered and laughed till the wee hours of the morning before finally retiring for an early start the next day.YNaija titled its review "Rukky Sanda’s Gold Diggin makes all the wrong moves," and explained that the first half of the film was just an "extended music video" with no direction and was a complete disconnect from the rest of the film.It concluded that Rukky Sanda showed some promise with Keeping My Man, but Gold Diggin was ten steps backward.In 2009, Nobel Igwe started his own company, 360Nobs Limited.Today, the 360 Group has come to be a success in the pop culture scene.The time to travel came and it was surreal because all my life, I have never had to travel to the village for anyone or anything, so I was excited and looked forward to do a tour and what not.